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1st UK Finance: Get The Best Deal When It Comes To Bridging Loans

04.06.2019 · Posted in Art

1st UK Finance offers Bridging Loan Calculator for the Halifax bank to calculate the bridging loan rates for best comparison as well as to know that what is coming further. It assists in identifying the calculations of fees and Loan to Value quickly and efficiently.

Bridging loans are mainly the short term mortgage to bridge the financial gap. It is an efficient way to get quick cash in order to invest, buy or purchase any equity or building. These loans are required to pay back within the period of eighteen months. They contain some policies by the lender which are required to fulfil to maintain a favourable credit record. These loans are provided to the existing clients with a good credit past. Bridging loan calculator is a useful way to know how much you have to pay, either interest rate or any other cost, in order to be prepared and arrange the payment on time. A good credit history would always get the benefits of trust by the lender. In order to reduce the chances of making a negative impact on the lenders, the bridging loan calculator can be used. It makes a proper loan schedule to be on track.

A spokesperson from 1st UK Finance explained, “Initially Helifix was dealing in mortgage only, but later it started providing all banking products. Very soon it started dealing in financial products like personal loans and other forms of credit. Halifax has no bridging loan calculator, so we offer a bridging loan calculator to assist work out the costs and interest rates. Helifix offers the loan to only existing clients with a positive credit history. But many other lenders in our touch provide bridging loans if Halifax cannot, and we bring our clients their competitive services.”

It is hard, to sum up, 1st UK Finance in a few words. They are not only specialists of bridging loan but also help in calculating the loan’s value and interest rates to prepare their clients for future outcomes.

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