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Paragon Skills – Apprenticeship Funding And Performance-Management Rules And Guidance

04.30.2018 · Posted in Education

Paragon Skills will offer complete guidance to the employers on the apprenticeship levy. Their guide will assist you with everything related to apprenticeship funding so that you can know what its benefits are and how to pay it.

Apprenticeship Levy is a business levy which is utilized to support apprenticeship training programme. In the current tax year, it is paid by companies with an annual pay bill of around £3 million. Every business from 1st May should invest in apprenticeship training programmes. Here are some rules that will help you to pay your Apprenticeship levy funds so that the employers can get benefit from it. It should be paid by each employer monthly at a payroll of £3 million.This amount is spent on apprenticeship training and assessments. Through Apprenticeship training, students can learn by doing internships in the companies. Nowadays more and more companies are investing the internships programmes so that they can find out the talent through this internship programmes. Moreover, the students also get an extra benefit with an internship. Bot, the employers and the students, get the benefit from the Apprenticeship. Thus the government of many countries are funding in Apprenticeship to encourage more and more employers.

A spokesperson for Paragon Skills explained, “We will offer you the best and the simplest set of standard rules about apprenticeship funding. Our guidance page will keep you updated on the key facts and rules of the apprenticeship programme so that employers can prepare in advance to maximise the opportunity. Moreover, our guide is consist of all the rules and guidance in order to help you manage your apprenticeship training programme and assessments”.

It’s quite hard; to sum up, what Paragon Skills is in just a few words. They will offer you all the facts and knowledge about the apprenticeship funding rules so that the employers can use this rules in their favour. This document lay out the direction and rules which will apply to all employers participating in the apprenticeship programme.

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