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Survival Systems International – Manufacturer Of Lifeboat Capsules

10.17.2019 · Posted in Art

At Survival Systems International, they have a global network of owned and operated service bases for multi-brand inspection, maintenance and repair. Their specialised range of products and services represent quality and safety to users in the event of an emergency. Their proactive maintenance agreements ensure operability, enhanced safety and cost savings.

A lifeboat is a small, inflatable boat that is carried in the case of an emergency when the ship is in danger. For larger commercial ships, these boats are required by law. The lifeboat consists of the enclosed package that can move people from the endangered platform. When you are travelling to a vast sea, one thing that continuously pokes you is your safety. This thing is always there in the mind of people. That’s why it is recommended by the professionals to carry the significant types of equipment that helps in rescuing the people at the time of the collision. No one has any idea when the boat is on the stage of risk. By keeping these things in mind, the concept of the lifeboat is created. Whenever your boat is in trouble, the boat crew helps you to rescue from the boat with the help of lifeboats. Some people thought of swimming at the time of risk. But swimming in an open sea is very scary. One has to be very careful while taking any serious step. A wrong decision may put your life into risk.

A spokesperson for ‘Survival Systems International’ explained, “We are an innovative lifeboat manufacturing organisation providing offshore workers with equipment, instruction, experience and knowledge. To accomplish a safe evacuation when an emergency happens on an offshore installation. SSI focuses on Marine Safety through routine maintenance, overload testing, fast rescue craft maintenance and onshore/offshore repairs. We focus on marine safety with our proven and tested survival craft and launch equipment. We have the safety record and underpinning methods that influence both our mindset and actions when approaching offshore and onshore activity as an Approved Service Provider.

Its quite hard; to sum up, what ‘Survival Systems International’ is in just a few words. They have provided 40 years of continuous service to the industry. Their single cable launched survival systems have successfully evacuated over 2,200 offshore personnel in more than 60 emergency incidents. Overall are a Lifeboat Capsule and Lifeboat Servicing Company.

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